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Feb 27, 2019

It's the age old question and it's also Ellen's favorite question. Pants or Floor? When you gotta go so bad, with no bathroom in sight. Then, panic and the bubble guts start kicking sets in, the clock is a ticking my friend and the only options are your pants or the floor, what are you gonna do?

Feb 20, 2019

Welcome to our 5th epidsode, we are excited to sit down with the very naked International burlesque star Stormy Leather. She chats with Ellen and Dave about her memorable poops, farts and much more. check out Stormy at @stormyleatherny on instagram

Feb 13, 2019

Today we sit down with Matthew Holtzclaw, professional magician and host in NYC and beyond. You can catch him all over NY but specifically at The Slipper Room in NYC or SPEAKEASY MAGICK at the McKittrick Hotel in NYC. For more info go to or @matthewholtzclaw on Instagram and twitter

Feb 6, 2019

Ellen & Dave take on brands of TP and the hotly contested debateā€¦Over vs. under. Take a listen poopy nation