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Apr 24, 2019

Ep14. Keith Vittore. Keith is what you would call a connoisseur with poops. This NY native sits down and share with us the best public poop story ever. He brought goods in this one folks. and he will be back for more. Check it out

Apr 17, 2019

Episode 13. We sit down with John, the man behind Undercover Poo. A great product Dave & Ellen both love and use. We hear how it came about the science behind neutralizing those stinky odors. John is a great guy who came up with a super practical and smart smart product for those who are embarrassed by their poops....

Apr 10, 2019

Episode 12 -- Dave & Ellen discus and share their favorite Fart and Poop scenes on the big screen. That's right it's movie time. Sit back, relax and enjoy some old/new faves in the world of farts and poop.

Apr 3, 2019

Episode 11 -- It's a family affair! Ellen's dad Jerry Stagg stops by to talk all things farts and poop. Learn from the zen master how Ellen became an expert on all things gassy and stinky.