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Dec 30, 2020

It's Party Time!, we are celebrating a big milestone with our 100th episode. Join us and Rose Marting (superfan) as we recap our favorite episodes from some of our favorite guests, Be sure to turn into Crowdcast to see A Night of 100 Buttholes. The live part version to celebrate this momentous occasion. Go to

Dec 23, 2020

Hey All, It's Dave and Ellen and we are taking a much need break but before we leave ya for the holiday week we wanted to let ya know about our party.

We have hit a big milestone with their 100th episode and what better way to celebrate than with a Party!! 

 A Night Of 100 Buttholes is our special way to say thank you...

Dec 16, 2020

We are so happy and excited to welcome Jessa Jordan. We discussed in a previous episode about a model that queefed in Ellen's face, well Jessa was that model. We had such a fun time discussing Jessa's personal and family accident poop stories. You do not wanna miss it. Enjoy

Dec 9, 2020

Voodoo Onyx joins us on the show. This NYC based performer, researcher, and new mom tells us about the time she had a drunken accident on a floor, or the time she slept under a bed and had a movement. We laughed our asses off. Please enjoy. You can find Voodoo and her celebrity newborn twins on Instagram @voodooonyx

Dec 2, 2020

Super excited to have Dr. Carmen Fong on the show. We asked all the tough questions, like what kinds of things do you pull out of patients' butts. And let me tell you it's wide and varied and somehow always a mistake. Dr. Carmen Fong earned a Doctor of Medicine in 2013 from Michigan State University College of...