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May 25, 2022

We welcome NYC bootleg toy maker and pop artist impresario SUCKLORD to the show. This was one of our favorite episodes ever! Sucklord told so many hilarious stories Ellen was crying from all of the laughing she was doing. Hear about the "floppy butthole", shitting in your kitchen, throwing ice turds…What a way to...

May 18, 2022

Welcome Back!! We had a blast on this episode. The dynamic Poo-O reads our fave Amazon reviews of two "foods" that give most buyers insane gastro intestinal troubles. Hang on and enjoy the ride or reviews.


Sugar Free Gummy Bears: Sugar-Gummy-Bears-Reviews


May 11, 2022

WOW!! On today's show. We welcome porn legend Brittany Andrews. The first person to peg a man on video!! That is legendary. To say Brittany Andrews has done it all would be an understatement—she’s an award-winning adult industry icon and two-time Hall of Famer, Film Producer and Director, Dominatrix and much, much...

May 4, 2022

We welcome Zachary Zane to the show. Zachary is a Brooklyn-based columnist, speaker, activist, and sex expert whose work focuses on sexuality, lifestyle, and culture. And we got into the task of destigmatizing anal play and pegging in hetero men. Zachary was fun of insights, stories and tips for anal. This episode will...