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May 18, 2022

Welcome Back!! We had a blast on this episode. The dynamic Poo-O reads our fave Amazon reviews of two "foods" that give most buyers insane gastro intestinal troubles. Hang on and enjoy the ride or reviews.


Sugar Free Gummy Bears: Sugar-Gummy-Bears-Reviews


Jan 26, 2022

We welcome Shawn Shafner, author of the new book, Know Your Shit: What Your Crap is Telling You. Shawn is a true Poo-Ru. From his 12 years as the creator of the Poop Project, Shhh - The Poop Podcast, ad FLUSH - The Documentray. Shawn is a bank of information in the work of poo. Shawn is also available for...

Dec 22, 2021

Hey Everyone, Ellen and Dave are taking the Holiday week, but they wanted to leave you with a super fun replay wit the one and only Margaret Cho!!! Dave & Ellen are both huge fans of Margaret and were so happy and humbled to have her as a guest. If ya don't know Margaret Cho is a comedian, actor, author, activist and...

Aug 4, 2021

Best of the Butt Episode 1 is a banger! Mistress Ashley Page, originally Episode 10, and this is the episode we talk about the most. Wanna know about forced consumption and what a "Poo Pal" is?  Well, you came to the right podcast! We had to replay it for you guys because it was so damn good and dirty. So buckle up and...

Jul 28, 2021

CEO Dr. Birgitt Boschitsch joins us and discuss how spotLESS Materials uses skills, technology, and drive to make the world a better place. A state-of-the-art coating with a Maintenance Spray to make your toilet ultra-repellent to anything that could stick, including those nasty skid marks and remnants. Listen in and...